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Total Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement
Frequently Asked Questions

In the Hospital
You will be in the hospital for 3 days after surgery. Physical therapy will begin the day after surgery. The case management worker will talk to you in the hospital to discuss setting up home health versus outpatient therapy versus inpatient rehab (this will depend on your insurance).

How long should I use walker/cane/crutches?
Your new hip is stable and able to hold all of your weight immediately after surgery. Walking aids are just for your stability. Typically patients use a walker for 1-2 weeks and then a cane or crutch for another week and then nothing. You may require walking aids for longer periods or may progress to nothing more quickly.

How long will I limp?
Everyone is different. It can take up to a year for your limp to go away. Practice walking straight ahead.

My operative leg feels longer. Is it?
It is possible that your leg is longer or that leg feels longer due to pelvic obliquity. Xrays will be taken at your postoperative visit and leg length will be evaluated. Your pelvis muscles need to settle after surgery. Lean your hands on a table and rock your hips back and forth. This will help the muscles to settle.

How do I prevent hip dislocation?
You are at the greatest risk of hip dislocation the first 6 weeks following surgery. Your physical therapist at the hospital will go over hip dislocation precautions with you. Avoid bending your hip past 90 degrees and bringing your knee past midline. If your knees are apart you are safe.

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