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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my ACL reconstruction made of?
It is bone tendon bone allograft. This means it comes from a cadaver. The graft will not be taken from your own body. The screws used are calcium carbonate and over the next year will become part of your own bone.

How long do I have to wear this brace?
3 weeks. For the first week after surgery the brace should be kept straight (0 flexion and 0 extension). The brace may be loosened to gain some flexion the second week. The brace may be fully loosened the third week after surgery. The brace is for support. After three weeks your leg should feel stable out of the brace.

How long do I have to use crutches?
1 week. After that you may fully weight bear.

What about physical therapy?
You will need to do formal physical therapy 1-2 times per week following surgery. Therapy typically starts 1-2 weeks after surgery. The therapist will give you weekly goals to achieve.

What exercises should I do before I start physical therapy?
2 days after surgery you should begin regaining motion. Sit on the side of something high (tailgate, bed, tall chair) and gently swing your leg to regain motion. Use your good leg to support your operative leg.

How long is the total recovery process?
4-5 months. It is 3 months after surgery before you may begin running straight ahead only. 4-5 months after surgery you may begin cutting and agility training.

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