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Hip pain may be caused by many different factors ranging from fractures and trauma, to tendonitis/bursitis, and simple inflammatory conditions related to aging and arthritis. When you experience pain in your hip or thigh and it limits your ability to do the things you want to do, it is time to see your orthopedic specialist at Westlake Orthopaedics, who have extensive training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hip disorders.

Symptoms of hip pathology include:
Problems with standing or sitting, climbing stairs or walking up or down ramps, pain radiating down the thigh, inability to bear weight, limited range of motion, or interrupted sleep from pain in the hip when rolling over. These may be signs of any multitude of conditions including:
• Arthritis
• IT band tendonitis
• Muscle strain
• Fracture, Trauma, or dislocation
• Nerve injury or impingement (less common)

Where the pain is:
Pain may be present in the groin, across the lower back, down the thigh, in the buttocks, or across the front and side of the pelvis.

How we diagnose:
We first perform a physical exam and look for any signs of musculoskeletal pathology. We perform x-rays in the office to evaluate the bones to see if there is evidence of arthritis, fracture, or other issues which could contribute to the presenting symptoms. If there are signs of hip pathology, we may perform additional diagnostics, such as an MRI or CT.

Based on the history of the symptoms and physical exam findings including diagnostic testing, treatments may include oral medications and/or physical therapeutic modalities, injections, minimally invasive arthroscopy, or more advanced surgical treatment.

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